Advanced aerial photogrammetry surveying and analysis offers survey-grade precision with sub-centimeter accuracy, revolutionizing project management. With complete control over processing options and customizable workflows, professionals can tailor projects to specific needs. Features like automatic point cloud classification and rayCloud™ environment enhance accuracy and efficiency.
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Advanced aerial photogrammetry surveying and analysis deliver survey-grade results with exceptional precision. Utilizing state-of-the-art data processing, it enables the acquisition of results with sub-centimeter accuracy, revolutionizing the way projects are managed and executed. This approach grants full control over photogrammetry projects, offering flexibility and power through advanced software capabilities.

Key Highlights

  • Survey-Grade Accuracy: Achieve sub-centimeter precision in results through photogrammetric analysis, with 1-2 pixel Ground Sample Distance (GSD) in X and Y directions and 1-3 pixels GSD in the Z direction.
  • Complete Project Control: Define areas of interest, select processing options, add ground control points, and edit point clouds, Digital Surface Models (DSMs), meshes, and orthomosaics to tailor the project to specific needs.
  • Customizable Workflow: Choose between default templates for automatic processing or create custom settings for full control over data and quality.
  • rayCloud™ Environment: A unique software feature that connects original images to 3D reconstruction points, allowing for visual verification and accuracy improvements.

Key Specifications

  • Automatic Point Cloud Classification: Utilizes machine learning classification processes to distinguish between different objects, enabling accurate 3D maps and models purely from images.
  • Pix4Dmatic Compatibility: Designed for processing over a thousand images, Pix4Dmatic enhances the efficiency of transforming large image datasets into accurate point clouds, DSMs, and orthomosaics by over 40%.
  • Versatile Imagery Support: Compatible with a wide range of imagery types, including RGB, multispectral, thermal, fisheye, 360° camera images, and videos, from any camera or drone.
  • High-Resolution Outputs: Generate high-resolution outputs for various applications and export them to industry-compatible formats for further analysis or reporting.


Advanced aerial photogrammetry surveying and analysis empower professionals to achieve survey-grade precision in their projects, offering an unprecedented level of control and flexibility. With features like automatic point cloud classification, customizable workflows, and the powerful rayCloud™ environment, users can efficiently manage and enhance their photogrammetry projects. The compatibility with a wide array of imagery and the ability to process large datasets quickly with Pix4Dmatic software positions this approach as an essential tool for accurate, efficient aerial surveying and analysis across a multitude of industries and applications.

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