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DJI Modify revolutionizes 3D model editing, offering a seamless workflow with DJI Terra for efficient aerial surveying and modeling tasks. With its intuitive interface and advanced editing tools, it streamlines the process, from auto repair to texture editing. Cloud-sharing capabilities further enhance accessibility, making it an essential tool for professionals in surveying, mapping, firefighting, and emergency response, delivering high-quality model outputs with ease.
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DJI Modify emerges as DJI's innovative 3D model editing software, establishing a seamless and efficient workflow for model editing. When used in conjunction with DJI Enterprise drones and DJI Terra, it forms a comprehensive solution for aerial surveying, modeling, editing, and easy sharing. This suite caters to a broad range of operational needs including surveying, mapping, firefighting, emergency response, and transportation.

Key Highlights

  • Seamless Workflow with DJI Terra: Enables efficient model editing directly from DJI Terra projects, facilitating an end-to-end solution from modeling to editing.
  • Streamlined Interaction: Offers a straightforward interface for simple operation, supporting both high and low-quality models, and automating texture repair and vehicle flattening.
  • Efficient 3D Model Repair: Incorporates tools for the removal of floating parts and flattening of irregular surfaces, alongside multiple selection methods for precision.
  • Texture and Hole Repair: Features advanced tools for texture repair, hole filling, and water surface repair, ensuring high-quality model outputs.
  • Cloud Sharing: Processed models can be quickly shared to the cloud, allowing for easy online viewing without the need for additional software.

Key Specifications

  • Compatibility: Works seamlessly with DJI Terra for a streamlined workflow from aerial surveying to model editing.
  • Model Editing Features: Includes auto repair, batch repair, built-in texture editing tools, and smart model recognition for efficient editing.
  • Selection Methods: Offers versatile selection tools including mouse-framing, Add to Selection, and Subtract from Selection functions for precise editing.
  • Editing Capabilities: Supports one-click removal of floating parts, vehicle flattening, texture repair with polygon select, erase, and clone options, and one-click hole fill with hole contour detection.
  • Export Formats: Capable of rendering and exporting models in multiple formats, including ply, obj, and b3dm, compatible with DJI Terra and third-party software.


DJI Modify stands out as a pivotal tool in DJI’s suite of software solutions, streamlining the process of 3D model editing with its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features. It dramatically enhances efficiency in aerial surveying and mapping operations, ensuring high-quality model outputs with minimal effort. Through smart model recognition, automated repair functions, and intuitive editing tools, DJI Modify simplifies the complexities of model editing. Coupled with cloud sharing capabilities, it ensures quick delivery and easy access to processed models, making it an indispensable asset for professionals in various fields.

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