DJI Dock

The DJI Dock automates drone operations for the DJI Matrice 30T, enabling storage, charging, and launching 24/7 in diverse conditions. It charges drones rapidly, allows missions up to 7 km away, and includes a security camera for enhanced monitoring. Designed for continuous use, it ensures operational efficiency and readiness in various sectors, transforming professional drone deployment with advanced fleet management capabilities.
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The DJI Dock is a revolutionary automated drone station that is reshaping the landscape of routine drone operations. It offers a fully automated solution for the storage, charging, launching, and recovery of the DJI Matrice 30T drone. Engineered for durability and continuous daily use, the Dock is designed to function 24/7 across a broad range of environmental conditions, making it an indispensable tool for enhancing operational efficiency in various sectors.

Key Highlights

  • 24/7 Operation Readiness: With IP55 Ingress Protection and 40kA Surge Protection, the Dock ensures reliable performance in diverse weather conditions and environments.
  • Fast Charging Capability: Equipped with TEC air conditioning, the Dock can charge the drone from 10% to 90% in just 25 minutes, significantly reducing downtime between missions.
  • Extended Operational Radius: Capable of executing missions up to 7 km away from the Dock, it enables control from any global location, offering unmatched flexibility and reach.
  • Integrated Security Camera: Features a 180° FOV camera streaming in 1080p, enhancing security and situational awareness around the docking station.
  • Robust Backup Battery: A built-in backup battery provides up to 5 hours of continuous operation, ensuring functionality even in power outages.

Key Specifications

  • Dimensions (Cover Closed): 800×885×1065 mm (L×W×H)
  • Operating Temperatures: Ranges from -35°C to 50°C (-31°F to 122°F), suitable for extreme climates.
  • Aircraft Charging Time: Reduces charging time to 25 minutes for rapid turnaround.
  • Operational Radius: Up to 7 km (4.3 miles), facilitating widespread mission coverage.
  • Security and Monitoring: Includes a wide-angle security camera and weather station for real-time environmental monitoring.


The DJI Dock represents a leap forward in the automation of drone operations, offering a robust, efficient, and reliable solution for industries such as public safety, law enforcement, and industrial inspections. By minimizing manual intervention and maximizing operational uptime, the Dock significantly enhances the efficiency and responsiveness of drone fleets. Coupled with DJI’s Flight Hub 2 for advanced fleet management and mission planning capabilities, the DJI Dock is setting new standards for how drones are deployed and managed in professional settings, ensuring that agencies and organizations can leverage drone technology to its fullest potential, anytime and anywhere.

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