Drone Command Van



56 ft.

Designed for Large-Scale Response

TRIDENT accommodates up to three workstations, an integrated generator, a Starlink mobile SATCOM terminal for connectivity, climate control, and ample storage options, offering a comprehensive solution for extended operations.

Command & Control for Unmanned Systems

With integrated antenna connections, TRIDENT ensures precise control of unmanned aerial, ground, or maritime vehicles enabling real-time data exchange and enhancing operational reach. It also supports Mobile Ad-Hoc Networking (MANET) radio integration, functioning as a powerful on-scene network node.

Deploy With Ease

TRIDENT is a maneuverable command vehicle that doesn't demand specialized driving skills or a Commercial Driver's License (CDL). This makes TRIDENT an accessible and efficient solution, ensuring that mobility remains a priority.

TRIDENT's Purpose

Built for sustainable missions, TRIDENT grants operators the opportunity to extend their on-scene presence. Integrated generators and power supplies allows mission-critical data to be gathered, processed, and shared with command staff from a centralized location.

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