Armored Command Vehicle



STANAG Armor Rating
LV 2/B7

Enhanced Command & Control

GUARDIAN is designed to support a multi-band command and control (C2) infrastructure, providing a robust and reliable network at any incident.

Custom Layout

Custom workstations within GUARDIAN are purposefully designed to accommodate diverse equipment requirements and meet the specific needs of your team in various mission scenarios.

Integrated Networks

GUARDIAN streamlines the ingestion and distribution of vital, real-time incident information, offering versatile connectivity options. Whether through satellite, cellular networks, or radio networks, GUARDIAN provides efficient, real-time data transmission during dynamic situations.

GUARDIAN's Origins

"Taking the technical operator to the tactical edge." GUARDIAN supplies technical operators a workstation, protected by Level 2 Armor, to operate mobile robotics during missions. Additionally, this asset serves as a communications relay to command staff, ensuring that mission-critical data is transferred quickly and efficiently.

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