Freefly SL8 Rapid Case

The Colorado Drone Chargers Freefly SL8 PRCS is a charging system designed for the Freefly Systems Astro drone, capable of charging four SL8 batteries and one controller simultaneously. It offers rapid charging within 60 to 70 minutes, durability for rugged conditions, and versatility with various power sources. The system comes with a lifetime warranty, ensuring reliability and customer satisfaction for drone operators needing efficient power management solutions in their operations.
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The Colorado Drone Chargers Freefly SL8 PRCS is an advanced charging solution designed for the Freefly Systems Astro drone, capable of rapidly charging up to four Freefly SL8 batteries and one flight controller simultaneously. This system significantly enhances operational efficiency by reducing the need for numerous spare batteries, thus allowing for extended flight times with fewer resources. Crafted to withstand harsh environments and easily powered by a variety of sources, this charging system is ideal for drone operators seeking reliability and portability in their equipment.

Key Highlights

  • Simultaneous Charging: Enables the charging of four batteries and one flight controller at the same time, streamlining the preparation process for flight.
  • Rapid Charging: Achieves an average charge time between 60 to 70 minutes, ensuring drones are quickly ready for action.
  • Durability and Portability: Constructed for the most rugged conditions and compatible with multiple power sources, including both pure sine wave and modified sine wave options.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Comes with a lifetime warranty and free shipping within the contiguous U.S., highlighting the product's durability and the company's commitment to quality.

Key Specifications

  • Compatibility: Specifically designed for Freefly SL8 batteries used with the Freefly Systems Astro drone.
  • Input Voltage: 88 ~ 264VAC with automatic switching, accommodating a wide range of electrical standards.
  • Max Power Rating: 750W, offering efficient and powerful charging capabilities.
  • Frequency: Supports a frequency range of 47 ~ 63Hz.
  • Output Voltage: Delivers 25.4VDC, tailored to Freefly SL8 battery requirements.
  • Protective Case: Includes an impact-resistant, watertight, and dustproof hard case with an easy-open pressure release valve for enhanced protection and mobility.
  • External Dimensions: Measures 19.7" × 15.7" × 7.2", ensuring the system is both spacious for its purpose and manageable for transport.
  • Weight: Weighs 16 lbs, balancing durability with portability.


The Colorado Drone Chargers Freefly SL8 PRCS provides a powerful, efficient, and reliable charging solution for operators of the Freefly Systems Astro drone. By enabling the simultaneous rapid charging of multiple batteries and a flight controller, it minimizes downtime and maximizes flight readiness. Built to endure challenging environments and backed by a comprehensive lifetime warranty, this charging system is an indispensable tool for professionals requiring extended drone operation capabilities, without the burden of excessive battery management.

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