Parrot ANAFI Ai

The Parrot ANAFI Ai sets new standards in aerial surveillance and mapping with its 4G internet connectivity, high-resolution camera, and autonomous photogrammetry. It offers unlimited range, advanced imaging capabilities, and stringent cybersecurity measures, making it ideal for various applications. With features like seamless 4G/Wi-Fi switching and obstacle avoidance, it's a versatile and secure aerial platform suitable for government agencies and professionals seeking reliable performance and flexibility in drone operations.
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The 4G robotic UAV introduces groundbreaking technology in aerial surveillance and mapping, with its 4G internet connectivity enabling operations beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) and global compatibility. It features a high-resolution 48 MP camera with advanced imaging capabilities and supports autonomous photogrammetry with survey-grade accuracy, all while ensuring stringent cybersecurity measures.

Key Highlights

  • 4G Internet Connectivity: Offers unlimited range, supporting BVLOS flights and worldwide compatibility, removing traditional constraints associated with drone operations.
  • Advanced Imaging System: Equipped with a 48 MP camera, capable of 4K 60 fps video, HDR10 for realistic colors, 14 EV dynamic range, and 6x zoom for detailed imaging from significant distances.
  • Autonomous Photogrammetry: Integrates embedded PIX4D flight planning and 4G transfer to PIX4Dcloud, shooting 48MP images at 1 fps with survey-grade accuracy.
  • Cybersecurity by Design: Prioritizes data protection with no default data sharing, strong authentication for 4G connections, and compliance with FIPS140-2 and CC EAL5+ certifications.
  • Robotic Platform: Features a Software Development Kit (SDK) with onboard coding capabilities, full open-source app access, and extensive partner ecosystem support for expanded functionalities.

Key Specifications

  • Drone Specifications: Weighs 898 g (1.98 lb), unfolds to 320 x 440 x 118 mm, with a maximum flight time of 32 minutes and ready to fly within 60 seconds.
  • Performance: Reaches a maximum horizontal speed of 16 m/s (34 mph), vertical speed of 4 m/s (9 mph), and can withstand wind resistance up to 12.7 m/s (28.4 mph).
  • Service Ceiling & Operating Temperatures: Capable of operating at altitudes up to 5,000 m above sea level and in temperatures ranging from -10°C to 40°C.
  • Connectivity & Navigation: Supports seamless 4G/Wi-Fi switching, 1080p 30 fps live streaming, and features advanced satellite navigation and obstacle avoidance systems.


The 4G robotic UAV represents a significant leap forward in drone technology, offering unparalleled flexibility, superior imaging quality, and robust cybersecurity measures. Its 4G connectivity and autonomous photogrammetry capabilities make it a powerful tool for a wide range of applications, from surveillance to detailed surveying. With its advanced features and comprehensive support for third-party software, this drone is designed to meet the rigorous demands of government agencies and professionals in the field, providing a highly versatile, secure, and efficient aerial platform.

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