DJI Zenmuse L2

The DJI Zenmuse L2 integrates LiDAR, an IMU system, and a CMOS camera on DJI drones, offering precise geospatial data acquisition. It's efficient for large area coverage, penetrates dense vegetation for detailed scanning, and provides high accuracy. Designed for professional applications like mapping and surveying, it's compatible with DJI Terra for advanced 3D data processing, streamlining workflows in various fields.
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The DJI Zenmuse L2 is a state-of-the-art integrated LiDAR solution designed for DJI flight platforms. It encompasses a frame LiDAR system, a high-accuracy IMU system, and a 4/3 CMOS RGB mapping camera. This configuration provides enhanced precision, efficiency, and reliability for geospatial data acquisition. When utilized with DJI Terra, it facilitates a comprehensive solution for 3D data collection and sophisticated post-processing, streamlining workflows for a variety of applications.

Key Highlights

  • High Precision: Achieves vertical accuracy of 4 cm and horizontal accuracy of 5 cm, offering high-level detail for mapping and surveying tasks.
  • Exceptional Efficiency: Capable of covering a 2.5 km² area in a single flight, making it ideal for large-scale operations.
  • Superior Penetration: Generates smaller laser spots and denser point clouds for thorough scanning, even through dense vegetation.
  • Extended Detection Range: Offers a detection range of up to 250m at 10% reflectivity and 450m at 50% reflectivity.
  • Versatile Functionality: Supports 5 returns and two scanning modes to adapt to various operational needs, from high-precision mapping to structural analysis.

Key Specifications

  • Integrated LiDAR System: Frame-based design with an effective point cloud rate of 240,000 pts/s and support for two scanning modes.
  • IMU System: High-accuracy, self-developed IMU system that provides real-time yaw accuracy of 0.2° and post-processing accuracy of 0.05°.
  • RGB Mapping Camera: Equipped with a 4/3 CMOS sensor and a mechanical shutter, capable of capturing 20 MP images with a minimum photo interval of 0.7 seconds.
  • Operational Flexibility: Designed for intuitive operation, with immediate readiness for missions as soon as the drone is powered on, thanks to no IMU warm-up requirement.


The Zenmuse L2 sets a new benchmark for integrated LiDAR solutions in the drone industry, combining advanced LiDAR technology with precise imaging and measurement tools. Its comprehensive sensor suite, coupled with DJI's innovative IMU system and RGB mapping camera, empowers professionals with unparalleled geospatial data acquisition capabilities. The L2's efficiency in covering large areas, along with its superior penetration for dense point cloud generation, makes it a powerful tool for a wide range of applications, including surveying, inspection, and environmental monitoring. Utilized in conjunction with DJI Terra, the Zenmuse L2 offers a seamless, turnkey solution for professionals seeking to elevate the accuracy and efficiency of their geospatial data collection and analysis endeavors.

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