DJI Zenmuse H30T

The H30T series payload, an advanced upgrade from the H20 series, is packed with upgraded sensors and capabilities. This powerful payload showcases remarkable enhancements in daytime visibility, nighttime vision, and infrared thermal performance, ensuring superior operational efficiency in any scenario.
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The DJI Zenmuse H30T equips operators with a variety of features that aim to secure mission success. Packed with powerful visual and thermal sensors, IR capabilities, a laser range finder, and more, this payload delivers unmatched performance. Operators benefit from enhanced image quality with Smart Captures, Electronic Dehazing, Enhanced Night Scene mode, and improved stabilization. A significant upgrade from the H20T/H20N, the H30T sets a new standard for aerial imaging excellence.

Key Highlights

  • IP54 rating
  • IR Sensing Capabilities: Take over night operations with the H30T’s IR sensor and built-in NIR Auxiliary Light (commonly referred to as an IR Spotlight). This new feature enables pilots to see a new spectrum of imagery in light-deprived environments.
  • IR Density Filter: A mountable accessory for the H30T's IR camera. Once installed, the temperature measurement range of the thermal imaging will be increased, from 0°C to 1600°C (32°F to 2913°F).
  • Laser Range Finder: The H30T’s LRF can measure distances up to 2.5 times higher than the H20T. By default, this sensor is also used to focus images in Night Scene Mode.
  • Enhanced Thermal Sensor: This payload features a 1280x1024 resolution thermal and 32x zoom capability, allowing for enhanced target search and hotspot detection.

Key Specifications

  • Wide Camera:
    • 48 MP
    • 1/1.3 in CMOS sensor
    • Night Scene Mode
    • Resolution: 3840x2160@30fps (4K), 1080p@25fps in Night Scene Mode)
    • DFOV: 82.1°
  • Zoom Camera:
    • 40 MP
    • 1/1.8 CMOS sensor
    • 34x optical zoom
    • 400x maximum zoom
    • Resolution: 3840x2160@30fps (4K), 1080p@25fps in Night Scene Mode
    • DFOV: 66.7°
  • Thermal Camera:
    • Resolution: 1280x1024
    • 32x maximum digital zoom
    • Temperature Measurement Range:
      • High Gain Mode: -20°C to 150°C Temperature Range (20°C to 450°C w/ IR Density Filter)
      • Low Gain Mode: 0°C to 1600°C (with IR Density Filter)
  • Laser Range Finder: 3m to 3,000m
  • Weight: 920‡5g
  • IP54
  • Compatibility:
    • M300 RTK (only with DJI RC Plus)
    • M350 RTK
  • Night Scene Mode:
    • Autonomously combines Enhanced Noise Reduction, IR sensors, and the NIR Auxiliary Light to achieve a clear, low-noise image.


The Zenmuse H30T stands out as an innovative solution for night and low-light operations, combining the power of thermal imaging with advanced IR capabilities. Its powerful sensors, IP54 rating, and laser rangefinder make it the go-to choice for a wide range of applications, including search and rescue, firefighting, inspection, and surveillance. With enhanced image stability, even at 400x zoom, and detailed thermal analysis capabilities, the H30T is tailor-made for professionals seeking to enhance their operational effectiveness and efficiency in challenging conditions.

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