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DJI Terra is a powerful 3D model reconstruction software built on photogrammetry technology, serving diverse industries such as land surveying, construction, agriculture, and emergency services. Compatible with DJI Enterprise drones and payloads, it offers efficient processing of visible light and LiDAR data, enabling the creation of realistic 3D models with centimeter-level accuracy. With features like real-time mapping, multispectral data processing, and integration with DJI Modify for model editing, DJI Terra streamlines workflows and facilitates informed decision-making in aerial surveying and mapping tasks. Whether for area mapping, detailed inspection planning, or vegetation analysis, DJI Terra provides a comprehensive solution for capturing, processing, and utilizing aerial data effectively.
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DJI Terra is a versatile 3D model reconstruction software designed with photogrammetry as its core technology. It caters to various industries including land surveying, power transmission, emergency services, construction, transportation, and agriculture. With support for both visible light and LiDAR data processing, DJI Terra seamlessly integrates with DJI Enterprise drones and payloads to offer a complete application solution.

Key Highlights:

  • Area Mapping: DJI Terra enables the generation of realistic 3D models with three resolution options and automatic optimization of water surfaces through AI technology.
  • Efficiency: The software allows for efficient processing of large volumes of photos, offering high-speed processing and centimeter-level accuracy.
  • LiDAR Support: With one-click processing, DJI Terra handles point cloud data captured by DJI's Zenmuse LiDAR, including route calculation, precise fusion with visible light data, and ground point extraction.
  • Multispectral Data Processing: It supports the generation of vegetation index maps and prescription maps using multispectral data from DJI Mavic 3 Multispectral and P4 Multispectral drones.
  • DJI Modify Integration: Seamlessly integrates with DJI Modify for efficient 3D model editing, streamlining the process from aerial surveying to model editing.
  • Real-time Mapping: Offers real-time rendering of 3D models and 2D orthomosaics for quick decision-making and planning on-site.
  • Detailed Inspection Mission Planning: Automatically generates waypoints and flight routes based on selected points in realistic 3D models or point clouds.

Key Specifications:

  • Model Samples: Varies based on processing method and hardware configuration.
  • Efficiency: Processing speed ranges from 80 minutes to 21 hours, depending on the processing method.
  • Accuracy: Centimeter-level accuracy is achieved in both 2D maps and 3D models.
  • Supported Devices: Compatible with DJI Enterprise drones and payloads, including the Matrice 300 Series, Matrice 350 RTK, Zenmuse LiDAR, and multispectral sensors.
  • Plan Options: Offers both a free Standard Version and a Professional Version with advanced features and increased capabilities.


DJI Terra provides an advanced platform for 3D model reconstruction and data processing, offering a wide range of features tailored to the needs of various industries. From efficient area mapping and LiDAR support to real-time mapping and detailed inspection mission planning, DJI Terra empowers users to make informed decisions and streamline workflows in aerial surveying, mapping, inspection, and more. With its seamless integration with DJI Enterprise drones and payloads, DJI Terra offers a comprehensive solution for capturing, processing, and utilizing aerial data effectively.

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