April 10, 2024

DJI M30T Accessories Guide

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Introduction to DJI M30T

The DJI M30T stands out as a pinnacle of drone innovation, combining advanced features with user-friendly design. Ideal for professional applications, this drone sets a new standard in the industry. Understanding its capabilities and enhancing them with the right accessories is crucial for maximizing its performance.

Choosing the Right Accessories For Your DJI M30T

LP12 Speakers & Lights

The LP12 is a cutting-edge payload designed for the DJI M30 drone, integrating a searchlight and broadcasting system. It's lightweight at 270g, ensuring minimal flight performance impact, with a 100m illumination and 200m broadcasting range.

The device offers dual functionality, enhancing operations like security patrols and search and rescue missions. Compatible with DJI Pilot 2, it simplifies control over lighting and broadcasting, making it an invaluable tool for professionals needing extended illumination and communication capabilities.

GL60 Mini Spotlight

The CZI GL60 Mini Gimbal Searchlight, designed for the DJI Matrice 30 Series drones, offers powerful illumination with a 60W LED producing about 7000 lumens. It features a 3-axis gimbal for precise positioning, AI follow capabilities for dynamic environments, and an effective range of 150 meters. 

Lightweight and compact, it's built for professional use in operations like search and rescue and inspections, enhancing drone capabilities with targeted, adjustable lighting.

FT30-P Drop Kit

Features a quick-release design for easy installation and is capable of handling a maximum load of 10 kg.

This system includes a dual-channel high-performance servo motor for precise control, and its innovative slope sliding decoupling mechanism allows for a compact size without altering the drone's structure, ensuring efficient and reliable payload deployment.


DJI offers specially designed propellers that not only minimize noise but also increase flight stability and efficiency. Choosing genuine DJI propellers guarantees compatibility and maximizes aerodynamic efficiency.

Protective Cases

Investing in a high-quality protective case is essential for transporting your DJI M30T. Look for cases that offer robust protection against impacts, water, and dust. A well-designed case will have custom-cut foam inserts for securely housing the drone and its accessories.

Lighting Attachments

For operations in low-light conditions, consider adding lighting attachments. These lights not only improve visibility but also assist in various professional tasks such as search and rescue operations.

Landing Gear Extensions

To protect your drone during takeoff and landing, landing gear extensions are a wise addition. They provide extra height, preventing damage from rough surfaces and ensuring safer operations.

Remote Controller Accessories

Enhancements to the remote controller, such as monitor hoods and neck straps, offer improved comfort and ease of use during prolonged periods of operation. This ensures precise control and a better flying experience.

Maintenance Tools

Regular maintenance is key to the longevity of your drone. Investing in a set of maintenance tools specifically designed for the DJI M30T will help you keep your drone in optimal condition, ensuring reliable performance.

Maximizing Your DJI M30T’s Potential

By equipping your DJI M30T with these essential accessories, you significantly enhance its capabilities and performance. Whether for professional or recreational use, these accessories will ensure your drone operates at its best, providing an unparalleled flying experience.

FAQs for DJI M30T Accessories

What are the best battery options for extending the DJI M30T's flight time?

The DJI Intelligent Flight Batteries are specifically designed for the DJI M30T, offering extended flight times and reliable performance. These batteries ensure optimal efficiency and are tailored to match the drone's power requirements.

How important is a protective case for the DJI M30T?

Investing in a high-quality protective case is crucial for the DJI M30T. It not only safeguards the drone from impacts, water, and dust but also ensures safe transportation. Cases with custom-cut foam inserts are recommended for the best protection and organization of your drone and its accessories.

Are there any specific accessories recommended for night flying?

For night operations, lighting attachments are highly recommended. These lights improve visibility, enhance safety, and are particularly useful in professional tasks such as search and rescue operations. They ensure that the drone is visible and functional even in low-light conditions.

What maintenance tools are essential for keeping the DJI M30T in good condition?

A set of maintenance tools designed for the DJI M30T is essential. These tools can include screwdrivers, cleaning brushes, and lubricants specifically suited for drones. Regular maintenance with the right tools ensures that your drone remains in optimal condition, offering reliable performance and prolonging its lifespan.

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