CZI LP12 Speaker/Searchlight

The LP12 is a cutting-edge payload designed for the DJI M30 drone, integrating a searchlight and broadcasting system. It's lightweight at 270g, ensuring minimal flight performance impact, with a 100m illumination and 200m broadcasting range. The device offers dual functionality, enhancing operations like security patrols and search and rescue missions. Compatible with DJI Pilot 2, it simplifies control over lighting and broadcasting, making it an invaluable tool for professionals needing extended illumination and communication capabilities.
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The LP12 is a state-of-the-art searchlight and broadcasting integrated payload, meticulously designed for the DJI M30 enterprise drone. This payload melds the advanced imaging optics from the Gimbal Light Series with the long-distance broadcasting capabilities of the Mega Phone Series, creating a highly efficient and compact solution for illumination and communication. Its streamlined design not only enhances the drone's flight duration by reducing wind resistance but also addresses both functionality and aesthetics.

Key Highlights

  • Dual Functionality: Combines a powerful searchlight with long-distance broadcasting capabilities, catering to a wide range of operational needs including security patrols and search and rescue missions.
  • Lightweight Design: Weighs merely 270g, ensuring minimal impact on the drone's flight performance.
  • Effective Range: Offers an illumination distance of up to 100m and a broadcasting distance of 200m, making it versatile for various scenarios.
  • Integrated Control: Fully compatible with DJI Pilot 2 for quick access to both lighting and broadcasting functions, simplifying operational procedures.

Key Specifications

  • Model: LP12
  • Electrical Interface: DJI OSDK
  • Weight: 9.5 oz. (270g) without quick-mount fixture; 9.9 oz. (283g) with quick-mount fixture.
  • Dimensions: 6.3 x 4.3 x 3 inches (162x111x75mm).
  • Searchlight Power: Regular mode at 30w; Ultra-bright and Flashing mode at 40w.
  • Speaker Power: 15W with a maximum sound pressure of 120 dB.
  • Power Supply Voltage: 24V, with a luminous flux of 2000lm ± 3%.
  • Searchlight FOV: 13°, providing varying illumination distances and spot diameters based on mode.
  • Gimbal Movement Range: Pitch from -120° to +45°.
  • Broadcasting Method: Supports live broadcasting, file upload, text-to-speech in multiple languages, and background sound.
  • Audio Formats: Compatible with mp3, wav, m4a, flac, and aac.
  • App Support: DJI Pilot 2
  • Operating Temperature: -15°C to +40°C.


The LP12 integrated payload represents a significant leap forward in drone accessory technology, delivering unmatched efficiency in lighting and broadcasting for the DJI M30 drone. It stands out as the most efficient option available as of Q1 2022 for users requiring extended illumination and communication capabilities in their operations. Its lightweight design, coupled with the ease of use and broad operational range, makes the LP12 an invaluable tool for professionals in security, search and rescue, and other critical scenarios requiring robust and reliable aerial support.

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