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Disaster Response

Empower disaster relief efforts with your piloting skills, joining FLYMOTION's elite response team.

Expertise and Efficiency in the Face of Disaster

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology for efficient and comprehensive disaster response services.

Pilot Experience

A team of pilots backed by decades of experience

Our team, backed by decades of experience and utilizing veteran and public safety insights, specializes in rapid and effective disaster assessments.

Technological Arsenal

Playing a crucial role in emergency response and relief operations

From drones to command vehicles, and from LTE to satellite connectivity, our advanced technology solutions play a crucial role in emergency response and relief operations.


UAV's and outfitted vehicles designed to survey

Our UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are instrumental in supporting ground teams for search and rescue, area mapping, and damage surveys

Become a Pilot with FLYMOTION

At FLYMOTION, we constantly expand our team of skilled pilots to address the increasing frequency of natural disasters. As the world evolves, so does our need for certified pilots ready for deployment in storm response and disaster relief efforts.

Interested in joining our Preferred Pilot Program (P3) for paid contracting opportunities? Click apply to begin.

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Hands-On Technology Deployment

Our deployments for disaster response feature extensive aerial support, providing a critical 'overwatch' for faster damage assessment and efficient 2D/3D mapping.

This aerial perspective not only aids in more successful missions but also ensures cost-effectiveness.

Advanced Command Vehicle Mobility

Our flagship command vehicles, including the MAVERICK and TRIDENT, are at the forefront of our operations. Ready for rapid deployment, they enable us to establish a direct presence and comprehensive surveillance of any disaster zone.

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Ready to make a difference in disaster response with FLYMOTION? Contact us or apply to our Preferred Pilot Program (P3) today.
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Govt. & Defense

Law Enforcement


Disaster Response

Tech Support



Tech Integration

Custom vehicles equipped for the future. Dive into mobility solutions that redefine command, control, and innovation.

Supporting governmental and defense sectors with tailored tech solutions. We understand the nuances and deliver with precision.

Enhancing community safety through advanced tech solutions. With FlyMotion, public welfare is always in dedicated hands.

Let our seasoned experts guide your technological pursuits. With FlyMotion, you’re collaborating with industry-leading specialists.

Respond swiftly and efficiently in crises. FlyMotion's disaster response strategies prioritize safety and efficiency, always.

Experience prompt and proficient tech support. Our team is dedicated to keeping your operations smooth and uninterrupted.

Deepen your knowledge and hone your skills with FlyMotion's curated courses tailored for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Boost your expertise with our industry-leading training modules. FlyMotion's sessions are designed for real-world applications.

Seamless amalgamation of tech into your operations. FlyMotion's tech integration ensures enhanced efficiency and productivity.


Their words, not ours.

"Exemplary Professionalism in Service and Expertise"

This company is extremely professional, well organized, and fully embraces the 'serving those who serve' mindset. They are truly invested in autonomous / UGV integration and have a very knowledgeable staff that can provide support. They are also known to volunteer both staff and equipment for natural disasters, specifically the recent hurricanes that impacted Florida. I would highly recommend this company for any UAS/robotic needs.

Robert R.
Boone County Fire Protection District

"A Testament to Quality and Service"

I can’t say enough about FLYMOTION. The FLYMOTION team is top-notch and they are excellent to work with! Our agency has purchased drones and attended training from FLYMOTION for three years now and they have never disappointed us in the service and expertise they have provided. FLYMOTION stands up to its motto 'Supporting those who serve'.

Dan H.
Boone County Fire Protection District

"Exceptional Product Quality and Customer Support"

We have been a client for 6 months or so and have had great experiences with the UAS we purchased. It has exceeded our expectations during operations. Recently we had an issue during a high risk operation. Customer service and all reps we dealt with were great with getting our UAS fixed quickly to assure our down time was minimal. We are looking at purchasing another UAS due to our experiences. Would highly recommend!

Matt G.
Boone County Fire Protection District

"Synonymous with Excellence and Innovation"

FLYMOTION, a company that strives for excellence both in products and customer service! If you're in the market for expanding your abilities to a whole new opportunity FLYMOTION is an outstanding organization to partner with! Definitely check out to see what they have to offer you will be thoroughly impressed!

Kyle S.
Boone County Fire Protection District
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