Speedip V2

The UAV-based Smart Liquid Sampling System revolutionizes water sampling by eliminating traditional drawbacks. Compatible with DJI M350/M300 RTK drones, it offers fully autonomous missions for precise sampling at designated depths. With features like rope tangling detection and smart motion control logic, it ensures safety and efficiency. Weighing only 540g, it includes advanced sensing technology for accurate measurements and easy integration with various UAVs.
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The UAV-based Smart Liquid Sampling System introduces a revolutionary approach to water sampling, eliminating the drawbacks associated with traditional methods such as rope tangling, poor flexibility, low efficiency, and high risks. This advanced system is designed to work seamlessly with DJI M350/M300 RTK drones, offering fully autonomous waypoint missions for collecting liquid samples at specified locations and depths with enhanced safety and operational efficiency.

Key Highlights

  • Fully Autonomous Missions: Utilizes DJI Pilot's Waypoint Function for hands-free operation from take-off to sampling at designated depths and returning to land, simplifying routine water sampling tasks.
  • Rope Tangling Detection: Features an innovative mechanism that alerts the operator and stops operations to prevent rope tangling, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted sampling.
  • Smart Motion Control Logic: Adjusts the container's movement speed according to the sampling stage for more representative samples.
  • Safety Enhancements: Includes grounding detection to avoid invalid sampling and an emergency releasing function to minimize UAV loss if the container gets trapped.

Key Specifications

  • Ultra-lightweight Design: The main body weighs only 540g, thanks to its magnesium alloy construction.
  • Sampling Volume: Equipped with 2 x 1L containers, one made of Stainless Steel and the other of PMMA, designed to stay within the UAV's payload limit.
  • Advanced Sensing Technology: Incorporates a built-in downward-facing camera for improved situational awareness and a high-resolution mm-wave radar for precise measurement of water distance and container depth.
  • Ease of Use: Can be mounted and dismounted within 10 seconds on DJI M350 RTK/M300 RTK, and offers API support for integration with various UAVs.


The UAV-based Smart Liquid Sampling System represents a significant leap forward in the field of environmental sampling. By integrating advanced technology with DJI's M350/M300 RTK drones, it offers a fully autonomous, efficient, and safe solution for water sampling. This system not only overcomes the limitations faced by traditional sampling methods but also opens up new possibilities for conducting environmental studies and monitoring with minimal human intervention. With its smart design, advanced sensing capabilities, and ease of integration, it sets a new standard for liquid sampling operations.

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