CZI MP10E Broadcast and Sound Pickup

The MP10E system is a multifunctional broadcast and sound pickup accessory for M3E and M3T drones, integrating visual signals and audio communication tools. It supports effective remote communication and visibility, essential for law enforcement, search and rescue, and emergency response scenarios.
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The MP10E Broadcast and Sound Pickup System revolutionizes communication and signaling capabilities for the M3E and M3T drones. This comprehensive system integrates a red & blue flashing light, speaker, and microphone into a single unit, designed to enhance the utility of drones across various professional scenarios. Ideal for law enforcement, search and rescue, and emergency response, the MP10E ensures effective communication and visual signaling, bolstering the operational efficiency of drone missions.

Key Specifications

  • Compatibility: Specifically engineered for seamless integration with M3E and M3T drones.
  • Visual Signaling: Built-in red & blue flashing light for enhanced visibility and signaling.
  • Audio Features: Includes a speaker and microphone for broadcasting announcements and two-way communication.
  • Broadcast Range: Effective broadcast distance of up to 150 meters.
  • Sound Pickup Range: Capable of capturing audio from up to 10 meters away.
  • Operating Conditions: Optimized for use in diverse environments, further extending the drones' versatility.

Key Highlights

  • Seamless Drone Integration: The MP10E is meticulously designed for easy setup with M3E and M3T drones, allowing operators to swiftly equip their drones with enhanced communication tools.
  • Advanced Communication Capabilities: Equipped with both a speaker and microphone, the system facilitates clear, effective communication for broadcasting instructions or conducting remote conversations.
  • Significant Broadcast and Pickup Range: Offers a substantial broadcast range of 150 meters and sound pickup of 10 meters, ensuring messages are conveyed clearly over wide areas.
  • Enhanced Operational Visibility: The red & blue flashing light significantly increases the drone's visibility, crucial for night operations and scenarios requiring distinct visual cues.


The MP10E Broadcast and Sound Pickup System is a cutting-edge addition to the M3E and M3T drones, providing a robust solution for enhanced communication and signaling during critical missions. With its integrated red & blue flashing light, speaker, and microphone, this all-in-one system extends the functionality of drones, making them more versatile and effective tools in professional applications. Whether used for law enforcement pursuits, search and rescue operations, or emergency response, the MP10E ensures that drones can communicate more effectively and be more visible, ultimately improving the outcome of drone-assisted missions. This system exemplifies how advanced technology can be leveraged to meet the complex needs of modern drone operations, reinforcing safety, efficiency, and communication in the field.

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