Autel DG-T3H Payload

The DG-T3H by Autel Robotics, designed for the Dragonfish drone series, is a sophisticated triple sensor payload for critical government tasks. It features a high-resolution infrared sensor, a 12MP wide-angle lens, and a laser radar for precise distance measurement, tailored for law enforcement and search and rescue missions. This advanced payload enhances operational efficiency, offering comprehensive surveillance and precise targeting in one unit, ideal for various mission requirements in public safety and efficiency.
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The Autel Robotics DG-T3H is a highly sophisticated triple sensor payload designed specifically for compatibility with the Autel Dragonfish Lite, Standard, and Pro models. This cutting-edge payload is equipped with a high-resolution 1280x1024 infrared sensor and a 12MP wide-angle lens, alongside a laser distance measurement radar sensor. The DG-T3H is Autel Robotics' most advanced payload to date, tailored for critical government applications such as law enforcement and search and rescue operations. Its integration of multiple sensors into a single payload unit maximizes operational efficiency and effectiveness, providing a versatile tool for various mission requirements.

Key Highlights

  • Triple Sensor Configuration: Combines a high-resolution infrared sensor, a wide-angle lens, and a laser distance measurement radar for comprehensive surveillance and targeting capabilities.
  • High-Resolution Infrared Imaging: Features a 1280x1024 infrared sensor for detailed thermal imaging, crucial for night operations or in conditions with limited visibility.
  • Wide-Angle Visual Surveillance: The 12MP wide-angle lens captures extensive areas with high clarity, enhancing situational awareness.
  • Laser Distance Measurement: Adds precision to operations with its radar sensor, enabling accurate distance assessments crucial for planning and execution.
  • Designed for Critical Missions: Specifically engineered for government sectors, making it an invaluable asset for law enforcement and search and rescue missions.

Key Specifications

  • Compatibility: Specially designed for the Autel Dragonfish series (Lite, Standard, Pro).
  • Infrared Resolution: 1280x1024 pixels, providing high-detail thermal images.
  • Visual Camera: 12MP resolution wide-angle lens for broad and clear visual coverage.
  • Laser Radar: Advanced distance measurement capabilities to support precise operations.
  • Application: Ideal for government use, including law enforcement and search and rescue activities.


The DG-T3H payload from Autel Robotics represents a significant leap forward in drone sensor technology, combining infrared imaging, visual surveillance, and precise distance measurement in a single, powerful package. Designed with the needs of government applications in mind, it offers unparalleled support for critical missions, enhancing both the safety and effectiveness of operations. Whether used for law enforcement surveillance, search and rescue efforts, or other high-stakes tasks, the DG-T3H delivers the performance and reliability expected from Autel Robotics' innovative solutions. This payload not only simplifies complex operations but also opens new possibilities for using drone technology in service of public safety and efficiency.

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