June 22, 2022

What to Expect at UTAC 2022

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We are four months away from FLYMOTION’s 3rd annual Unmanned Tactical Application Conference (UTAC)! Each year we strive to make UTAC the best unmanned systems, robotics, and technology training event this industry offers. Motivated by the success of last year’s conference, we are excited to announce the addition of several components to the UTAC 2022 schedule.

UTAC 2021 Recap

UTAC 2021 presented eight scenarios modeled after operations executed by agencies around the world. These showcased the capabilities of unmanned platforms across different operational environments. Role players, smoke, fire, mock injuries, and simulated gunfire added to the realism of the scenarios, providing a dynamic portrayal of each mission. Each scenario was of great interest to our attendees, but letting every attendee fly during the simulations was not possible.

Updates for UTAC 2022

After hearing your feedback, we set out to revamp our conference schedule. To create the best training experience possible, we are excited to present the following changes at UTAC 2022.

- Updated schedule offering five hours of individual flight time

- Scenarios offered multiple times to smaller groups

- Classes, panels, and presentations optimized for audience engagement

- A unique venue for unlimited indoor/outdoor free flight

- Introducing Flight Missions: Opportunities for individuals to accomplish specific objectives with the guidance of instructors

Schedule Overview

We are excited to bring these changes to UTAC 2022 and create an even more valuable unmanned systems training experience for our attendees. The updated daily schedule will look similar to the below:


Our attendees can casually arrive and network with other attendees, industry experts, and technology providers over coffee as the UTAC campus prepares for the day's training sessions. 


Attendees start each day together, receiving instruction from subject-matter experts on topics relevant to anyone operating unmanned technology for public safety, government, or defense purposes. 


After a quick break to stretch, our attendees will regroup to participate in an open forum. We form panels of leading experts, operators, technology providers, and policy writers to answer questions and facilitate discussions on the most relevant topics in the unmanned sector. 


Each afternoon will provide 6 hours of an open schedule with opportunities to learn in the classroom or in the field. UTAC attendees can choose from the following activities each day to create a schedule that best fits their unique learning goals. 

  • Real-World Scenarios: Led by instructors from drone programs from around the world, attendees have the opportunity to observe — and then fly — simulations of actual UAS responses. We use local first responders, role players, and live munitions, immersing our attendees in an emergency response environment. This year, we are featuring eight new scenarios, with two of them running each day. There will be three opportunities to experience each scenario for a total of 24 opportunities to be immersed in a training environment unique to UTAC. 
  • Tech Trials: Looking for a unique challenge? We are excited to introduce a brand-new training exercise to UTAC 2022 — Tech Trials. Throughout the week, attendees can participate in eight unique trials to test their problem-solving skills and operate unique, non-traditional technologies. Participants who complete all eight Tech Trials by the end of the conference will be eligible for a free prize giveaway. 
  • NIST Lanes: No UAS training would be complete without NIST Lanes. Led by instructors from NIST, test your skills and receive an evaluation of your flying proficiency. 
  • Integrated NIST: UTAC 2021 had the most environment-integrated NIST courses of any event to date. UTAC 2022 will offer even more courses. Each one will have a dedicated instructor to ensure valuable flight time and provide guidelines on how pilots can apply the tactics in their operations. 
  • Interior Open Flight Area: New to UTAC 2022 is the Interior and Exterior Open Flight Areas. Our Interior Open Flight Area will be located in a 4-story building complete with open windows, stairways, staged rooms/furniture, and more. Hone your interior flight skills in an environment where you can try new tactics and learn from other attendees. 
  • Exterior Open Flight Area: UTAC 2022 will also feature an exterior open flight area. Practice basic flight skills in areas free of obstructions or challenge yourself by flying through several environments with realistic flight hazards and obstacles. 
  • Technology Demos: Wanting to see the latest unmanned technology in action? UTAC 2022 will feature up to 4 manufacturer-led technology demos each day, giving you the experience to witness firsthand the latest and greatest technology available to your agency. 
  • PIX4D Workshop: If you're looking to learn about UAS mapping missions, our PIX4D Workshops have you covered. Not only will you learn about how the software works, but you will have the chance to fly your drone and create maps using PIX4D's Mapper and React applications. These 3-4 hour workshops are intense crash courses to learn a new skill to take back to your team. 
  • Classroom Instruction: Interested in learning directly from industry experts? Each day will consist of 4 additional hours of classroom instruction from technology vendors, policy writers, UAS operators, and more. Come and learn from the people driving the industry forward every day. 
  • Exhibit Hall: Need a break from the action? Stop by the exhibit hall for some one-on-one time with our UTAC vendors and sponsors. Drinks and snacks will be available. 


Help us celebrate the close of each day with a social event on the UTAC campus. Unwind with colleagues and enjoy great food and drinks on us!

Click below to watch our video showcasing UTAC 2021 and what you can expect to see at this year's conference!



As you can see, UTAC is tailored to meet the needs of each attendee with a wide range of training experiences. You will improve your abilities and prepare yourself for the demands of your area of operations. We look forward to having each and everyone who will attend UTAC this year, but spots are limited! Register and learn more about UTAC 2022 at utacglobal.com.

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