January 4, 2021

The Aerial View of FLYMOTION's Connectivity Solutions

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FLYMOTION has traditionally been seen as a company that provides the eco-system of drone technology solutions and services. It's more than just drone technology. The eco-system encompasses training, mobile command centers, drone detection and more for public safety, government, defense, and critical infrastructure. While this is a core competency of our company, it's only one part. FLYMOTION is very diversified in the end-to-end technology solutions we provide. FLYMOTION is much "more than drones."

Connectivity is the foundation that holds technology stably in place today. FLYMOTION has organically grown into the connectivity vertical and provides multiple innovative technologies. Our team has done research and development to optimize the construction of networks, hardware, and devices for public safety, first responders, and critical infrastructure.

Network Accessibility

At the root of connectivity is 4G/LTE and the cellular providers. AT&T answers the call to connectivity with their priority, preemptive, first-responder only network called FirstNet. Verizon, another global network provider also has a dedicated network called Verizon Priority. FLYMOTION is fortunate to have partnerships with both of these providers to offer solutions and options to public safety.

Our goal is two-fold. The first is to provide state-of-the-art hardware solutions to critical first responders and personnel. Combining those devices with innovative software allows for easy streaming and accessibility in the field. Accessibility is only part of the software solution; connectivity is the other half.

An example of those capabilities is converting an incoming signal to usable WiFi. Wireless connectivity is an extremely valuable requirement by many of our clients. To fulfill this requirement, FLYMOTION has partnered with Cradlepoint, the leader in router technologies. Their multi-SIM technology allows end-users to join multiple carriers to create a singular, powerful WiFi source. FLYMOTION developed the Mission Case LTE to simplify this much-needed requirement for field operations. With an internal power source, solar connectivity, and a hard carrying case, this mission-critical solution is powered by Cradlepoint routers.

Cradlepoint's Case Study

In a case study, Cradlepoint stated, "With public safety often at stake, FLYMOTION’s customers require their command and control vehicles and ruggedized communication kits to meet their needs 24/7. With all disaster response scenarios, constant wireless internet connectivity is essential. Capturing and sending real-time video expedites damage assessment and mapping of an affected area, but it also requires ample bandwidth." (Credit: Cradlepoint)

FLYMOTION utilizes the Dejero portfolio of products because their focus lies within enhanced live-streaming. With that being said, connectivity is as important as live-streaming. Dejero's systems blend diverse connectivity paths to deliver enhanced reliability, expanded coverage, and greater bandwidth. The various built-in satellite capabilities deliver low-latency reliable data. Field responders and/or organizations working remotely are able to experience the benefits firsthand.

Our partnership with Panasonic, the leader in ruggedized tablets and laptops, allows us to provide full-circle solutions for agencies and organizations. Our team can demonstrate which devices and services would benefit your team, given individual requirements.

"More Than Drones"

Additional devices we provide include the Samsung Galaxy series and Sonim products to allow our drone equipment to seamlessly blend into the ecosystem of connected technologies. With accessories for these like the nEar—the best in-ear and over-ear micro-speakers available—FLYMOTION will ensure you have everything necessary for ease of communication and emergency preparedness.

FLYMOTION takes pride in our diversified technology solutions. We design every solution with a specific purpose. That purpose is equipping the end-user with everything they need from training and operations to disaster and emergency response efforts.

Command vehicles have always been an asset in the field. Pairing mobile command vehicles with highly reliable connectivity makes disaster and critical responses easier. With confidence in your network, you can operate in any location and climate.

In the case study from Cradlepoint, "FLYMOTION was the world’s first provider of mobile drone command and control vehicles, which serve as home base for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), or drones, in the field. These products integrate technologies that enable live video acquisition, management, and distribution—all done in a mobile, centralized location. The company also extends its services outside the vehicles through ruggedized mobile communication and network kits, or the Mission Case LTE, which can be used to connect drones to command centers or to provide pop-up WiFi in remote locations." (Credit: Cradlepoint)

Veteran-Owned; Supporting Those Who Serve

FLYMOTION is Veteran-owned and founded by public safety professionals. Our leadership team has the experience and fundamentals you would require, which gives us the innate ability to understand the requirements and provide end-to-end solutions that support those who serve. If FLYMOTION can assist your agency or organization with connectivity solutions, mobile device technology or training, please reach out to us.

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