May 18, 2022

Spot Release 3.0 Brings New Updates

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Boston Dynamics’ robot dog, known as “Spot,” is making its mark as a versatile robotic platform, becoming a vital tool for public safety and industrial applications. A recent software update released by Boston Dynamics now elevates Spot's capabilities in several ways. In this article, we will briefly look at the new features introduced in the update and their implications for the use of the Spot robot in industrial settings.

Introduced at the end of 2021, Spot Release 3.0 builds on the already impressive capabilities of Spot to leverage the power of AI in businesses. This yellow robot dog is equipped with a host of automated functions. Greater automation provides accurate and consistent data for AI processing. Updated units will see significant improvements across three areas: autonomy, data collection, and enterprise integration.


Autowalk is a feature on Spot enabling operators to program autonomous missions, like inspections at industrial and commercial sites. Release 3.0 brings some powerful upgrades to this ability.

Mission Scheduling

Using the tablet controller, users can easily set schedules for their missions. For example, Spot might start its mission after hours. Thus, it avoids peak hours in the factory or construction site. Schedules are also necessary for consistent data collection.

Mission Planning

Operators can design specific Inspection Actions into Spot. Once the Action is selected, the robot will automatically find the quickest way to collect the data.

Mission Editing

Edit current missions with path extensions and new Inspection Actions. Easily accommodate site expansions into existing missions.

Adaptable Navigation

In scenarios where the site layout is constantly changing (like construction sites), Spot knows to walk around blocked paths to collect data. You don't have to be worried about the pallet lying in the mission path. Spot will sense it and find an alternate route.

Data Collection

Data collected by Spot is critical for creating a complete picture of your operation. Therefore, the data needs to be trustworthy. An updated Spot robot ensures this in two ways.

Repeatable Image Capture

Using scene-based camera alignment, Spot takes pictures from the same position and angle every mission. This ability guarantees data consistency for precise measurements and change detection.

Live Review of Computer Vision Models

One method of gathering data utilizes Spot's cameras to read gauges. The robot uses compatible computer vision models to read and process gauge information. Through the update, operators can review this information live on the controller.

Enterprise Integrations

Boston Dynamics designed the update to integrate Spot into large-scale operations. More importantly, the integration is seamless. Workflow compatibility turns Spot from a specialty robot into an enterprise workhorse.

Automatic Data Upload

Data automatically uploads into the company system at the end of the mission. Spot Dock offers the connection to offloads data for review. As a result, inspection missions become efficient and routine.

Cloud Integration

Spot is now compatible with cloud-based platforms like Amazon’s AWS, Microsoft’s Azure, and IBM Maximo. Cloud integration makes it part of the system architecture.

Fleet Management

Scout, Boston Dynamics' web-based application, is the hub for Spot operations. Manage the fleet, schedule missions, and review site data.

Other Features

Some other features to be aware of include the remote restart of payloads, increased functionality of the Spot Arm, and an alarm to alert bystanders of Spot's presence. All provide a greater degree of control and safety.


As you’ve seen by now, a Spot robot coupled with Release 3.0 is more than capable for any large-scale industrial application. Accurate and autonomous, Spot is a logical option for inspection missions.

Furthermore, the ability of updates like Release 3.0 to expand the operational envelope indicates something about the future of this robot. The potential of later updates means Spot is a dynamic platform; it is ever-evolving to meet new demands. As software and AI become more proficient, so will Spot.

Interested to know how you can integrate Spot into your agency or organization’s operations? Visit our website or contact one of our representatives here.

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