March 14, 2023

Mobile Command Vehicle For Drone Response

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If you’re familiar with mobile command vehicles for drone response, you know that most are some variation of a van with workstations. These vehicles, such as our TRIDENT series, play an important role in emergency response. They provide first responders with a comprehensive, self-sustained solution for resource-intensive incidents. 

However, large command vehicles can be impractical for daily operations. Operating and budget constraints can limit their use in routine calls, which means these big-ticket items are often sitting in a garage.

Seeing a need for a cost-effective and agile solution, FLYMOTION developed a mobile command and control unit that easily integrates into an agency’s fleet. We call it, MAVERICK. Our MAVERICK mobile command vehicle is designed to quickly deploy to incidents, providing on-scene support and overwatch with UAS.

MAVERICK can be built on a variety of SUV chassis. This flexibility allows agencies to upfit a vehicle they currently own, or purchase a vehicle that matches the rest of their fleet. In this article, we’ll break down FLYMOTION’s demo vehicle, a Chevrolet Tahoe PPV. Keep in mind that every component in our command vehicles is customizable so you can have a solution that works for you.


The lighting setup in your mobile command center is important to consider during the build process. For this MAVERICK build, we used a lighting package from SoundOff Signal which includes:

  • 4x mpower® on the grille
  • 4x mpower® running board lights
  • nFORCE® Visor lights
  • lightbars in the rear windows
  • full-width, interior light bar in the back

We also placed two mpower® lights in the tailgate for scene lighting when it’s open.


Our MAVERICK features a custom command module by TruckVault. Highly versatile, this module integrates storage, power, and a display into one unit.

  • L3 Harris radio 700-800 MHz, LTE-capable
  • Airband radio
  • 2x RJ45 network connections (LAN and WAN)
  • 3x HDMI inputs
  • 3000w inverter
  • Shore power connection with auto-eject
  • 2x 120v outlets
  • 3x drawers with combination locks and custom foam inserts
  • 1x full-width pullout tray
  • 32-inch display
  • 4-by-1 multiviewer

These are not the only options available for an operational module in a mobile command center, but this is what we chose for this MAVERICK build.


Our custom interior setup integrates seamlessly with the vehicle and provides the operator with easy access to control panels and multiple power outlets. Here are some items to consider when building out the interior of your rapid response command vehicle:


To reiterate, this is NOT the only way to configure MAVERICK. You can add, subtract, or substitute components through our custom-build process to create a vehicle that meets your mission requirements. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our build or want to see what your mobile command vehicle could look like, FLYMOTION wants to help! Our vehicle specialists will work with you to provide a detailed breakdown and answer any questions you might have. 

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