September 8, 2022

FLYMOTION Ridgeback Goes Operational

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Metrohm, a Swiss manufacturer of instruments for chemical analysis, recently released a video featuring their Boston Dynamics Spot unmanned ground vehicle (UGV). In this simulated operation, a team investigates an alleged narcotics lab. Spot, the industry-leading unmanned ground vehicle, equipped with Metrohm’s Raman spectrometer, enters the laboratory and analyzes the powder. Then, the Spot camera-integrated ARM payload uses their sensor to declare the scene hazardous. The video below is an excellent illustration of Spot’s diverse capabilities and applications.

Ridgeback: A Connected Solution

In the video, you can see the operators attach a box with antennas on the back of Spot. This antenna array belongs to a system developed by FLYMOTION called Ridgeback. Ridgeback utilizes an encrypted Mobile Ad-hoc NETworking (MANET) radio as the communication link between the controller and Spot. This robust capability enables Spot to act as a communication and connectivity relay node of a larger mesh network system. Moreover, data connectivity and power for Ridgeback fully integrate into UGVs.

Our Ridgeback payload is a game-changer for two reasons. First, it substantially increases Spot’s operational range. Second, it ensures a stable connection in complex RF environments. As a result, Spot operators have the flexibility to operate wherever the mission dictates.

You can read more about Ridgeback’s capabilities in this article as it integrates into Boston Dynamics Spot LiDAR applications or as a standalone Boston Dynamics Spot payload.

The Integration Process

We understand that mission success often requires specialized designs. As a leading system integrator, FLYMOTION excels in meeting those operational needs with custom solutions like Ridgeback. This ability is the result of strong industry partnerships and our technological expertise.

FLYMOTION relies on a mature and full-scale solutions engineering process to deliver custom solutions. We start with a thorough analysis of your organization's needs. Next, we source specific and often customized components or have our dedicated team of engineers fabricate them in-house. After extensive testing, we deliver a capable product built to desired specifications. This process is formed around consistent communication between our tech team and the end-user.

If you're interested in a custom technology solution, contact a FLYMOTION representative or visit our website. We look forward to supporting your operations with the most advanced unmanned systems and technology available.

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