May 24, 2022

FLYMOTION is now a Preferred Partner of Squishy Robotics

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24th May 2022

FLYMOTION Now Preferred Partner of Squishy Robotics

TAMPA, FL – FLYMOTION, a leading provider of unmanned systems, technology integration, training, and services across public safety, government, and defense, announced they are now a preferred partner of Squishy Robotics. Through a value-added reseller agreement with FLYMOTION, the technology company’s line of sensor platforms will be available for distribution.

Headquartered in Berkeley, California, Squishy Robotics, Inc. specializes in making customizable robots for emergency response. Known as tensegrity structures, these platforms can place a wide variety of sensor payloads in austere environments. Field-proven in pilot partnerships with several first responder departments, these tensegrity robots are versatile tools and useful for numerous public safety, defense, and industrial applications.

“As technology advances exponentially, the possibilities of integrating robotics into operations in place of a human operator follow suit. Merging unmanned systems with Squishy Robotics sensor payloads opens the door for operators to accomplish whatever mission profile they encounter. Furthermore, this partnership advances our mission of ‘Supporting Those Who Serve’ across public safety, government, and defense on a global operational scale, and we are eager to see the capabilities continually develop,” said Ryan English, CEO & Co-Founder of FLYMOTION.

The integration of Squishy Robotics into FLYMOTION’s growing list of advanced technology will make its innovative products more accessible for application in public safety, government, defense, and enterprise operations. As a leading end-to-end industry solution provider, FLYMOTION prioritizes partnerships with companies that champion the development of life-saving technology. Establishing a relationship between Squishy Robotics and FLYMOTION will place these advanced platforms directly in the hands of front-line operators and uphold the mission of ‘Supporting Those Who Serve.’

“We are thrilled to be working with FLYMOTION, a technology solutions provider dedicated to providing local, state and federal public safety agencies with the latest and most innovative tools they need,” said Squishy Robotics COO Deniz Dogruer. “We are excited that this agreement will enable us to offer our drone-droppable/throwable sensors to the first responder community, providing them with the immediate, on-the-ground information they need to protect themselves and the public from many dangers.”

Interested parties will be able to experience the advantages of the Squishy Robotics platform by contacting FLYMOTION representatives.

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About Squishy Robotics, Inc.

Squishy Robotics is a technology company that makes drone-droppable/throwable sensor robots that can be rapidly deployed to provide situational awareness without requiring first responders to hand carry sensors into potentially dangerous environments. The company’s tensegrity (tensional integrity) robots can reduce human risk and exposure in hazardous situations because the robots’ customizable payloads (equipped with a variety of chemical and other sensor as well as video cameras) can provide the information needed to make data-driven decisions—all without putting humans in harm’s way. Firefighters, HazMat responders, and military personnel are among the company’s customers. The technology company was founded in 2017 and grew out of research originally focused on space exploration performed for NASA Ames. Please visit


Since our inception in 2014, FLYMOTION, headquartered in Tampa, Florida, has become the largest provider of technology solutions and integrations to public safety, government, and defense. Our service portfolio spans unmanned systems, software, mobile command vehicles, full system integration, custom training, consultation, and support; we are a true end-to-end solution provider. Our efforts to deliver the highest degree of client satisfaction are founded on our mission of "Supporting Those Who Serve," an idea rooted in us as a veteran-owned company.

FLYMOTION furthers our mission by hosting our annual Unmanned Tactical Application Conference (UTAC), the premier unmanned systems, robotics, and technology training event. UTAC offers fully immersive real-world scenarios where attendees can operate, evaluate, and familiarize themselves with the most advanced operational technologies. For more information, please visit

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