June 10, 2024

Exploring the Advanced Flight Capabilities of the Parrot ANAFI USA Drone

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The PARROT ANAFI USA is a state-of-the-art drone designed specifically for government agencies and enterprise use.

Manufactured in the USA, this powerful drone offers advanced features, enhanced security, and unparalleled imaging capabilities.

Key Features of Parrot ANAFI USA

Designed for the U.S. Army:

  • Based on the Short-Range Reconnaissance (SRR) drone
  • Blue UAS program approved, NDAA & TAA compliant

Advanced Imaging:

  • 32x zoom, allowing observation of people from up to 1.2 mi (2 km) away
  • FLIR Boson thermal camera, detecting centimetric hot spots from up to 131 ft (40 m) altitude
  • 4K HDR visual camera for high-quality images and videos

Rugged and Ready:

  • Flight ready in just 55 seconds
  • No built-in no-fly zone limitations
  • Quiet operation at just 79 dB from 50 cm off the ground
  • 32-minute flight time, best-in-class for its size

Cybersecurity and Data Protection:

  • AES-XTS 512-bit encryption for photos and videos stored on the SD card
  • Secure WPA2 Wi-Fi connection between the drone and remote controller
  • Signed firmware to prevent malicious modifications
  • GDPR compliant, with user consent required for data sharing

Advanced Flight Features:

  • Assisted framing and autonomous flight routes
  • Target tracking for easy mission execution
  • Customizable "Return to Home" feature for mission wrap-up and drone protection
  • Precise GPS coordinates for locating targets

Versatile Applications

Parrot ANAFI USA is designed to meet the unique needs of government agencies and enterprises. Its advanced features make it ideal for:

  • Firefighting and emergency response
  • Law enforcement and military operations
  • Infrastructure inspection and maintenance
  • Search and rescue missions
  • Surveying and mapping

Extensive Partner Ecosystem

ANAFI USA supports a growing ecosystem of professional applications and services, enhancing its usability and versatility. Compatible with industry-leading software like Pix4Dreact for 2D mapping and various fleet management and compliance platforms, ANAFI USA is a reference platform for professional use.


The Parrot ANAFI is also compatible with DroneSense, a popular public safety fleet management and streaming platform, offering comprehensive situational awareness built by a team with first-hand experience. 

For law enforcement, it aids in crimes-in-progress, accident reconstruction, SWAT operations, and large event overwatch. 

Fire services benefit from pre-fire planning, hot spot detection, live scene management, post-fire mapping, and search and rescue. 

Emergency management can expand capabilities over large areas and assist victims efficiently.

Main Take-Away

The PARROT ANAFI USA is a trusted, secure, and feature-rich drone solution for government agencies and enterprises. With its advanced imaging capabilities, rugged design, and strong focus on cybersecurity, it offers a powerful tool for a wide range of critical missions and applications.

As the drone ecosystem continues to expand, ANAFI USA is poised to remain at the forefront of professional drone technology.

FAQs About The Parrot ANAFI USA Drone

What Makes the Parrot ANAFI USA Ideal for Professional Use?

The Parrot ANAFI USA is equipped with a 32x zoom lens and a 4K HDR camera, offering unparalleled image and video quality. Its extended 32-minute flight time and robust wind resistance make it suitable for a variety of professional applications, including surveillance, infrastructure inspection, and environmental monitoring.

How Does the Parrot ANAFI USA Ensure Data Security?

Data security is a critical aspect of drone operations, especially for sensitive missions. The Parrot ANAFI USA ensures the confidentiality of data through AES-256 encryption. This high-level security protocol is essential for government, military, and law enforcement operations where data integrity is paramount.

Can the Parrot ANAFI USA be Used for Search and Rescue Missions?

Yes, the Parrot ANAFI USA is highly effective in search and rescue missions. Its thermal imaging capabilities allow for the detection of heat signatures, which is crucial in locating missing persons or animals. Additionally, its extended flight time and resistance to harsh weather conditions make it reliable in emergency situations.

Is the Parrot ANAFI USA Suitable for Beginners?

While the Parrot ANAFI USA is a high-end drone designed for professional use, its user-friendly interface makes it accessible to beginners as well. The FreeFlight 6 app provides a simple and intuitive control experience, with automated flight modes that help new users navigate with ease.

Is the Parrot ANAFI USA Blue UAS?

Yes, the Parrot ANAFI USA is part of the Blue UAS program. The Blue UAS program, initiated by the Department of Defense's Defense Innovation Unit (DIU), is designed to provide secure, trusted, and reliable drones for government and public safety operations. The Parrot ANAFI USA meets the program's stringent criteria for cybersecurity, data protection, and operational capability, making it a preferred choice for various governmental and public safety applications.

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