October 12, 2023

Essential Accessories for Boston Dynamics SPOT

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Boston Dynamics' Spot is a marvel in the realm of modern robotics. Yet, its true potential gets unlocked when paired with the right accessories. These add-ons are not mere enhancements; they are catalysts that transform Spot from an advanced robot into an indispensable tool tailored for specific tasks and environments.

Dive with us as we dig deeper into each of these accessories, shedding light on their features, functionalities, and how they augment Spot's capabilities.

Spot Arm: A Leap into Action

The Spot Arm is more than just an extension; it's a revolutionary addition allowing Spot to engage in physical work in environments designed for humans. This mobile robot arm is intricately designed to act based on data insights. Whether it's picking up objects, turning valves, or interacting with tools, the Spot Arm empowers the robot to perform tasks with precision and finesse.

Spot Dock Charging Station: Endless Energy

For a robot to be genuinely autonomous, it needs the ability to recharge without human intervention. Enter the Spot Dock Charging Station. This self-charging station ensures Spot remains powered up, and ready for round-the-clock remote inspection missions. Just like phone docks for charging, Spot can effortlessly connect to its dock, ensuring minimal downtime.

Visionary Enhancements: Spot CAM+IR and Spot CAM+

The Spot CAM+IR is an integration of a thermal camera with microphones and amplified speakers, taking Spot's inspection capabilities to new heights. Whether it's dark environments or detecting heat signatures, this add-on ensures no detail goes unnoticed.

On the other hand, the Spot CAM+ is tailored for those ultra-detailed inspections. With its Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) feature boasting 30x optical zoom, it's like giving Spot a magnifying glass and binoculars in one, ensuring clarity in every inspection.

Navigational Mastery with Spot EAP-2 (LiDAR) & Leica Geosystems BLK ARC

Spot EAP-2

Mapping and spatial awareness are taken to the next level with Spot EAP-2, an Enhanced Autonomy Payload featuring LiDAR. This add-on extends the range and accuracy of Spot's navigation system, allowing it to chart out large areas with unparalleled precision.

Leica Geosystems BLK ARC

The BLK ARC is a state-of-the-art autonomous laser scanning module designed for seamless integration with robotic carriers. When paired with a robot, the BLK ARC captures detailed 3D point clouds and panoramic imagery, transforming traditional scanning processes into an automated workflow.

Users can remotely chart the scan path leveraging existing building blueprints or BIM models, making it ideal for both expansive and intricate spaces. Once set, the BLK ARC and its robotic partner autonomously execute the scanning mission. For a comprehensive understanding, there are introduction videos available for the BLK ARC. 

In collaboration with ANYbotics' ANYmal, the BLK ARC offers a groundbreaking solution for autonomous inspections in even the most challenging terrains.

Spot CORE I/O and GXP: Communication and Integration

The Spot CORE I/O is about supercharging Spot's computation and communication. Integrated with a 5G/LTE modem and dedicated processing capabilities through its CPU and GPU, it ensures Spot remains connected and smart.

For those looking to further customize Spot with unique payloads, the Spot GXP provides several breakout ports, making payload integration a breeze.

Radios for Robust Communication

Communication is paramount for a robot, especially in challenging terrains or isolated networks. 

Ridgeback from FLYMOTION is a radio-based control link that integrates seamlessly into Spot. Ridgeback drastically improves range and penetration over the standard Wi-Fi link, crucial to operating Spot in complex RF environments like subway tunnels, concrete buildings, and dense metropolitan centers.

Ridgeback can use radios from Persistent Systems and Silvus Technologies.

Scout Application and Spot Tablet: Remote Mastery

The Scout Application is a web-based platform allowing operators to control Spot from anywhere in the world. It brings remote operation right to the fingertips of the user.

For those preferring a more tactile approach, the Spot Tablet provides an additional interface, complete with optional joysticks, to command Spot with ease.

Power Boosters: Spot Battery and Charger

For extended missions, an additional Spot Battery ensures Spot remains operational. And to keep these batteries juiced up, the Spot Charger provides a reliable charging solution.

FAQs on Accessories for Boston Dynamics Spot

Why would I need the Spot Arm for my Boston Dynamics Spot robot?

The Spot Arm transforms Spot from a mere observational tool to an interactive one. It enables Spot to perform physical tasks like lifting objects, operating tools, or turning valves, making it versatile for various industrial applications.

How does the Spot Dock Charging Station enhance Spot's autonomy?

The Spot Dock Charging Station lets Spot self-charge, eliminating the need for human intervention. This means Spot can work longer, autonomously returning to its dock when its battery is low, ensuring it’s always ready for its next task.

Is there a difference between Spot CAM+ and Spot CAM+IR?

Yes, there is! While both are designed for inspections, the Spot CAM+ focuses on detailed visuals with its 30x optical zoom. The Spot CAM+IR, on the other hand, integrates a thermal camera, microphones, and amplified speakers, making it suitable for detailed inspections even in low light or requiring heat signature detection.

Can the Spot EAP-2 (LiDAR) be used for indoor and outdoor mapping?

Absolutely. The Enhanced Autonomy Payload featuring LiDAR is designed to improve Spot's navigational capabilities. It can map out large indoor spaces like warehouses or outdoor areas with precision.

I’m concerned about Spot losing connection in remote areas. How do the Ridgeback Systems Radio help?

Ridgeback drastically improves range and penetration over the standard Wi-Fi link, crucial to operating Spot in complex RF environments like subway tunnels, concrete buildings, and dense metropolitan centers.

How does the Scout Application enhance remote operations for Spot?

The Scout Application is a web-based platform that allows users to control Spot remotely. Whether you're in the same building, city, or a different country, you can command and monitor Spot's activities right from your browser, giving you flexibility and control.

Do I always need an internet connection to operate Spot with the Spot Tablet?

No, the Spot Tablet provides a direct interface to control Spot and doesn't necessarily require an internet connection. It's designed to give users a tactile and immediate command interface, especially useful in areas with spotty internet.


Spot, in its essence, is a marvel. Yet, with these add-ons, it transforms into a powerhouse capable of unprecedented feats. From enhanced vision to powerful arms, and seamless communication to uninterrupted power, each accessory amplifies its capabilities, ensuring Spot is not just a robot but an extension of our aspirations.

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