November 5, 2020

Combating COVID-19 with Technology

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Combat COVID-19 with Technology

Progressive technology has proven useful in multiple facets of public safety. The efficiency and overall safety these technologies offer to our first responders are unprecedented, transforming how daily operations are performed.

Law enforcement in Bellaire, TX has effectively been using drones for capturing wanted suspects. Search and rescue teams in Minnesota have had many successful cases expediting their search by directing ground teams from the air. Hazmat teams in Manatee County, FL have also been using this technology to identify and mitigate dangerous threats in their community. For more detailed information on these use cases, see the case studies below:

Bellaire, TX | Minnesota | Manatee County, FL

Why Should Our Response to COVID-19 Be Any Different?

As we face a worldwide pandemic, first responders and medical workers will be putting their personal safety on the line to help protect their communities. With an increased need for public services, putting progressive technology in the hands of our first responders is critical. Below are some basic ways progressive technology can assist in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Assisted Surveillance

To expedite nationwide coronavirus testing, the federal government is mandating rapid drive-through testing centers in store parking lots across the country. At these pop-up sites, first responders anticipate an influx of vehicles and nervous crowds, warranting a need for enhanced situational awareness. Drones like the Matrice 210 V2 and the Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual provide aerial surveillance for responders on the ground. With a 30-minute flight time and tether capabilities for the M210, an eye in the sky is a simple and fast solution.

Field Connectivity

Working in unconventional places and conditions is a new reality for first responders across the country. Connectivity is key, especially for those in LTE-deprived communities. Given the urgency of the current situation, our technical teams have developed field-ready portable connectivity kits to create an instant network for your team in the field. From general communication to video streaming to data transfer; our field-ready portable connectivity kits are compact and easy to use. Take a look at the FLYMOTION Mission Case LTE as a reference.

Controlled Exposure

Drones and similar equipment can easily become contaminated with COVID-19 and other dangerous substances in an operational setting. For this reason, using progressive technology in the field, especially when it comes to HazMat and CBRNe response, can be challenging. FLYMOTION recently overcame this challenge with the Drone Decontamination Kit. This ruggedized, rapidly-deployable decon kit allows agencies to protect expensive equipment, like drones, and rapidly re-deploy technology without putting lives at risk.

Fulfilling our model of "Supporting Those Who Serve," FLYMOTION is ready to assist your agency and your response to COVID-19.

We are prepared to deliver all products with fully-charged batteries and software updated and configured to meet your needs at NO COST.

In addition, we are opening our technical support line to ALL AGENCIES nationwide and internationally. The call to Support Those Who Serve goes beyond assisting our client base alone; we encourage ALL members of public safety to reach out to us.

How can FLYMOTION help you maximize your available resources? With our diverse catalog of versatile technologies, you can prepare your agency for an immediate response to COVID-19 while investing in your agency's future response tactics.

Contact our team today for assistance as we support those who serve.

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