October 2, 2021

Auterion as the Title Sponsor of UTAC 2021

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A collaboration between two industry leaders signals the promise of positive impact across the board. This is no less true as FLYMOTION and UAS software company Auterion come together to provide a comprehensive exhibition of public safety technology at this year’s Unmanned Tactical Application Conference (UTAC).

Auterion provides operators with open-source software that brings a variety of drones, payloads, and apps into one ecosystem. The implications of the platform are huge. Operators can use aircraft that best fit their needs without being restricted to its proprietary software. Aircraft and mission-specific, third-party applications are consolidated into one easy-to-use software that is consistent across all verticals. Of course, the term “integration” means a world of possibility for agencies. Not only is training simplified but information like video feeds and flight data are collected and streamed to a centralized location. Auterion solutions offer agencies a fleet management tool that enables seamless and efficient operation.

FLYMOTION is honored to have Auterion as the Title Sponsor of UTAC 2021 because of the impact they have and will continue to have on the UAS industry, specifically within public safety. The Unmanned Tactical Application Conference assembles industry-leading manufacturers and operators of unmanned systems to train and educate the end-users from around the country. This year, Auterion will play a significant role in the knowledge and experience gained from attending the conference.

Developed solely by FLYMOTION, the conference takes place in Perry, GA at the world-renowned Guardian Centers training facility. UTAC 2021 will feature 8 scenarios played out in real time. All attendees will leave with invaluable hands-on training and best practices regarding unmanned systems technology they can apply to their daily operations.

The conference will host 8 different mock disaster training scenario sessions that apply to common operations of public safety and defense unmanned systems pilots. A few examples of the scenario-based trainings include:

  • Missing Persons – a simulated search and rescue operation in urban and rural terrain
  • Tanker Fire/Crash – a tanker truck containing hazardous materials crashed and rolled over, creating a dangerous environment for first responders and innocent bystanders
  • Water Rescue/Flood Disaster – a 550,000-gallon flood basin fills with water as first responders and dive teams must coordinate efforts to rescue and recover trapped individuals 
  • Active Shooter – a simulated scenario of an active shooter holding a bus full of passengers hostage, complete with actors portraying injured and frightened bystanders

Throughout these scenarios, Auterion will utilize aircraft equipped with their payloads and software to showcase the efficiency of their systems. Observing Auterion’s solutions in action integrated within the realm of public safety allows attendees to experience new technologies first hand.

Public safety is only one of the many sectors that will benefit from Auterion’s innovation. The application of an efficient software integration is only limited by the imagination of the industry, a potential that only grows as Auterion expands their system’s compatibility to include other aircraft. As their solutions evolve with today’s demanding situations, UTAC by FLYMOTION will continue to connect end-users with the benefits of their ecosystem.

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