June 9, 2022

Autel EVO II Enterprise REVIEW: Top 5 Features

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Launched in 2021, the Autel Robotics EVO II Enterprise series was a response to the growing need for specialized unmanned platforms. Two years later, they continue to be an excellent option for public safety agencies. This article breaks down the series' top 5 features, including some that are often overlooked.

1. Autonomous Functions

An Autel Enterprise drone comes with several autonomous flight functions. One of them is especially useful for public safety operators. Orbit automatically flies the aircraft around a point of interest. Orbiting is useful to accurately assess a situation like a traffic stop or fire. It's also a continuous function; the aircraft will circle as needed.

Orbit is a standout feature for two reasons. First, flying an aircraft in a circle takes good coordination and can be a challenging technique for new pilots. Automating the movement lowers the entry-level for beginners. Second, it reduces mental workload during flight. Pilots can focus more on the incident than on aircraft orientation.

2. Obstacle Avoidance

Like the autonomous functions, obstacle avoidance makes flying the aircraft easier. Enterprise aircraft rely on 19 sets of sensors for 360 degrees of protection. This feature excels in urban and confined space operations, where the likelihood of crashing is greater.

If it seems redundant to highlight obstacle avoidance, note that not all drones in this class have it.

3. Flight Time

Autel's Enterprise drones have a best-in-class flight time of 44 minutes. This is a 15-minute advantage over the typical 30-minute flight time of other drones. Because drones leave commanders in the dark during battery swaps, a longer flight time means greater situational awareness.

4. Accessories

Accessories increase the versatility of the drone, allowing operators to customize the platform for the mission. All use the dedicated accessory mount found on the top of the aircraft.


Reaching a volume of 120 dB from 1 m away, the loudspeaker turns the drone into an intervention tool. Pilots can communicate instructions to survivors or suspects without placing personnel in danger.


At 469 lumens, the spotlight makes it easy for pilots and ground personnel to conduct searches at night.

Strobe Light

This powerful strobe light complies with FAA regulations for night operations.

RTK Module

GPS doesn't always produce precise results during mapping missions. Autel's RTK module accurately positions the drone down to the centimeter and shields it from electromagnetic interference.

5. Geofencing

In a 2021 update, Autel added geofencing restrictions to drones flying in the U.S. and other countries. However, they're less restrictive than those on other drones. This is valuable for some agencies that would otherwise be barred from taking off. Things may change with new regulations, but for now, Autel aircraft remain easier to deploy.


Choosing a drone often comes down to the features, especially when so many models advertise similar specifications. It's clear that Autel EVO II Enterprise drones are well-rounded solutions, packed with performance and features. If your agency is interested in purchasing an Autel Enterprise drone, contact a FLYMOTION representative or visit our website.

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