June 17, 2024

Autel Evo Accessories 

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The Autel EVO II is a powerful and versatile drone, but to truly unlock its full potential, it's important to consider the various accessories available.

Let's go over the accessories for the Autel EVO II, highlighting their features and benefits to help you enhance your drone experience.

Accessories for Your Autel EVO II

Drone Battery 7100mAh

  • Capacity: 7100mAh
  • Compatibility: V1, V2, V3 versions
  • Benefit: The high-capacity battery allows for extended flight times, enabling longer missions without frequent battery swaps.

Propeller Guards

  • Protection: Ensures safety by protecting the propellers during flight.
  • Benefit: Ideal for new pilots or indoor flights, propeller guards prevent damage and enhance flight safety.

Battery Charging Hub

  • Capacity: Can charge up to four batteries simultaneously.
  • Benefit: An efficient charging solution for multiple batteries, saving time and ensuring all batteries are ready for use.

Low-Noise Propellers

  • Feature: Reduces noise during flight.
  • Benefit: Makes the drone less intrusive and ideal for noise-sensitive environments.

VO II Pro ND Filters

  • Feature: Neutral Density (ND) filters.
  • Benefit: These filters reduce light entering the lens, allowing for more control over exposure and improving image quality in bright conditions.

EVO II FoxFury Lighting Kit

  • Feature: Powerful LED lights.
  • Benefit: Enhances visibility during low-light operations, making it ideal for nighttime flights or inspections.

RC Cable

  • Feature: Reliable connection for remote controller.
  • Benefit: Ensures a stable and strong connection between your drone and controller, enhancing flight control and reliability.

EVO II Pro Gimbal Cover

  • Feature: Protective cover for the gimbal.
  • Benefit: Safeguards the gimbal and camera during transport, preventing damage and ensuring your equipment stays in top condition.

EVO II UV Filter

  • Feature: Ultra Violet (UV) filter.
  • Benefit: Protects the camera lens from scratches, dust, and reduces haziness in photos caused by UV light.


  • Feature: Charges up to four batteries and a flight controller simultaneously.
  • Benefit:Ensures all your equipment is ready for extended missions without downtime.

Autel Robotics SD Card Holder

  • Feature: Compact storage for SD cards.
  • Benefit: Keeps your SD cards organized and protected, ensuring you have all the storage you need for your missions.

EVO II V3 Antenna

  • Feature: Enhanced antenna for better signal.
  • Benefit: Improves the range and reliability of your drone’s connection, ensuring stable and uninterrupted flights.

EVO II Battery Charger

  • Feature: Standard battery charger.
  • Benefit: Efficiently charges your drone batteries, ensuring they are always ready for your next flight.

Autel Smart Controller SE-Battery

  • Feature: Battery for the smart controller.
  • Benefit: Provides extended operation time for your smart controller, ensuring you can manage longer missions without interruption.


  • Feature: Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) module.
  • Benefit: Enhances positioning accuracy, making it ideal for surveying and mapping applications.

Live Deck 2

  • Feature: Real-time video streaming device.
  • Benefit: Streams live video from your drone to multiple devices, perfect for live broadcasts and collaborative missions.

Investing in the right accessories for your Autel EVO II drone can greatly enhance your overall experience, from extending flight times and ensuring safety to providing convenience and protection during transportation. 

By equipping yourself with essential accessories like high-capacity batteries, propeller guards, and a comprehensive fly more kit, you can unlock the full potential of your drone and take your aerial adventures to new heights.

Contact FLYMOTION to understand what accessories you should get to maximize the potential of the EVO II.


What types of batteries do Autel EVO drones use?

Autel EVO drones use Lithium Polymer (LiPo) batteries. These batteries provide a higher discharge rate and longer flight durations compared to other battery types. For instance, the EVO battery has a capacity of 4300mAh and a voltage of 13.05v.

Can I use any MicroSD card with my Autel EVO drone?

The EVO series supports MicroSD cards up to 128 GB. It's recommended to use UHS-I U1 or V10 cards for 1080p HD or lower video, and UHS-I U3 or V30 cards for 4k video​​.

How should I charge my Autel EVO drone battery?

It's recommended to use an approved Autel Robotics charger for charging EVO batteries. You can charge the battery through the aircraft or use a multi-charger. In special cases, USB ports of compatible devices like computers or power banks can be used. The charging time is about 90 minutes per battery​​.

Are Autel EVO drones waterproof? Can they be flown in the rain?

Autel EVO drones are not waterproof. To ensure the safety and longevity of your drone, it's best to refrain from operating it during periods of substantial or intense precipitation.

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