February 22, 2023

5 Ways To Live Stream From Your Drone

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Situational awareness is a key determiner of success during dynamic public safety operations. That’s why streaming solutions are crucial for the effectiveness of drone programs, as they provide incident commanders and other stakeholders with a real-time view of critical incidents. In this brief article, we will cover some hardware and software solutions you can use to stream from your drone controller.

1. Press-It by Panasonic

The Press-It is a simple plug-and-play, point-to-point transmission system effective up to 30 meters (approximately 100 feet). Both transmitter and receiver use HDMI connections, meaning they're compatible with a wide variety of controllers and displays.

The Press-It is especially useful for pilots needing to project their feed to a nearby display — say a TV in a command vehicle — without the nuisance (or trip hazard) of a long HDMI cable. Because the transmitter dangles off of the controller, we recommend mounting it to the remote to ensure a strong connection. FLYMOTION offers a number of mounting solutions that can be customized for your controller.

2. DJI Video Transmission System

Designed to meet the demands of professional cinematographers, DJI’s Video Transmission System offers a low-latency, point-to-point connection. While it’s more expensive than the Press-It, this system can transmit video to a receiver up to an impressive 20,000 feet (6 km/3.73 mi) away. The transmission signal is also AES-256 encrypted to protect your video streams during sensitive operations.

This system comes with a 7-inch receiver/display rated for 1,500 nits of brightness. It also offers SDI and HDMI ports should you need to relay the stream to a larger display. 

3. DJI Flight Hub 2

If you fly the Mavic 3 Enterprise, M30, or Matrice 300, then DJI’s Flight Hub 2 is a software solution worth considering. Announced in March of 2022, the company’s operations management platform enables mission live streaming, cloud mapping, live annotations, and data management. 

At the time of writing, Flight Hub 2 is in public beta and free to use.

4. DroneSense

A third-party management platform popular with public safety agencies, DroneSense is an excellent option for first responders. DroneSense enables pilots, among many things, to share their feeds via a one-time-use link. 

Additionally, personnel on the ground can augment drone feeds by streaming video from their phones. All feeds are centralized in DroneSense’s Operations Hub, providing incident commanders with a complete multi-view picture of the incident as it unfolds.

DroneSense currently supports Autel’s EVO II Enterprise line, Parrot’s ANAFI series, and all DJI aircraft.

5. Dejero

Built for the broadcasting and live-production industry, Dejero uses software and hardware components to provide a robust streaming solution. With Dejero, users connect their drone controller to Dejero’s EnGo mobile transmitter, which then sends the feed to a Gateway and up into the cloud to a recipient anywhere in the world.

Dejero stands out from the other solutions on this list because it enables high-quality, low-latency streaming even on congested networks. Powered by cellular bonding technology, Dejero’s Gateway can use up to six different carriers to send data packets which are then assembled on the receiving end. As a result, Dejereo provides first responders with stable, resilient communications regardless of the environment.


Having the right streaming solution will not only make a difference in your efficiency but in your effectiveness as well. However, with so many options at different price points, it can be tough to decide. FLYMOTION is here to help! Backed by extensive experience with connectivity products, we will help assess your needs and find the solution that works best for you. Feel free to reach out to a representative here, or visit our website.

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