UAS Training

Our industry-leading experts offer customized sessions in Unmanned Aerial System Training for every use of drone technologies.  Our experience in a variety of UAS applications allows us to offer a diverse range of customized curriculums.  Our trainings provide the necessary technology and skills for the operations of UAS for many applications including:

  • industrial inspections
  • military operations
  • public safety special operations
  • private security firms
  • tactical operations
  • commercial aerial photography and videography

Our wide-range of experience in UAS operations and applications allows us to offer a variety of curriculums:

  • Police, Fire, Para-Military organizational training in utilizing unmanned systems for SAR, Special Forces, SWAT, or Public Safety Operations
  • Commercial or Corporate use of Unmanned Aerial Systems for Marketing, Training, Corporate Events or Orientation Purposes
  • Civilian use for Professional Photographers or Hobbyists
  • STEM and Educational Technology Programs