FlyMotion Media uses advanced unmanned aerial systems (UAS) drone technology to capture photography and videography for television and film footage, special events, real estate, inspections, sports games, wildlife, special events, and much more.

The results are breathtaking aerial photographs and video footage—that perfect angle in the best light—whether for a professional film, a real estate listing, a special event, or any other occasion.

Professional Aerial Drone Photography.

We are a A full-scale media production company providing highly specialized close and long-range aerial videography for a variety of media productions.

Whether it’s aerial videography for film, television, internal communications, training or corporate events, our highly-skilled operators understand angles, lighting and technical aspects, providing services that result in the highest-quality aerial cinematography in the industry. Our FlyMotion Media division is a full-service aerial production company that can handle the UAS aspect of your project from start to finish.

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