Leadership Team

Ryan English

President, Co-Founder

Ryan is the President and Co-Founder. He is responsible for the strategic growth, company direction and implementing the business strategy visions of FlyMotion. Ryan leverages his extensive network to strengthen client and strategic partner relationships. He works with a dedicated team to develop solutions that set the future trends for numerous vertical markets within the unmanned systems industry.

In addition to his military service and civilian special operations background, Ryan brings over a decade of successful entrepreneurship to the FlyMotion team. His forward thinking has, and continues to deliver groundbreaking advancements and innovation in the unmanned system industry.

Ryan was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah and it was there that he developed the passion and drive for entrepreneurship. He enjoys international travel, motorcycles and sports cars.

David Stratchko

Vice President, Operations and Co-Founder

David is the Co-Founder and Vice President of Operations. He plays a key role in establishing long-term strategy and setting the company’s culture and values.  His visions and forward thinking have assisted in molding the FlyMotion brand.

David aided in conceptualizing FlyMotion in 2014. During his time with the company he has been a key contributor in the development of award-winning products such as FlyMotion TRIDENT and FlyMotion MAVERICK.

Prior to his time at FlyMotion, David served over a decade in public safety as a firefighter/paramedic in the State of Florida. He was also attached to the specialized Marine Division.

David is a Florida native who enjoys golf, motorcycles and sporting events.

Maurice Cooley

Vice President, Technology

Maurice is the Vice President of Technology. He is responsible for all technological advancements at FlyMotion, including product hardware, software, design and integration. He is also a key contributor in new ideas and future initiatives.

Maurice joined FlyMotion in 2015, and has been vital in the delivery of the award-winning FlyMotion TRIDENT, and the design of FlyMotion MAVERICK. Prior to FlyMotion, he dedicated over a decade of his professional career in the electromechanical field where he specialized in automation controls in the Entertainment Industry. He has also served several years as a law enforcement officer in the State of Florida.

Maurice is a Florida native who enjoys global travel and exploration.

Mario Simoes

Chief Engineer

Mario is the Chief Engineer. Mario’s expertise and key contributions continue to aid in the success of FlyMotion. His team of engineers consist of several skilled individuals from varied engineering backgrounds. His skills include leading large R&D projects as well as leading multidisciplinary teams to accomplish complex challenges.

Since 2015, Mario has led FlyMotion’s team of engineers which continues to deliver the future, today. A graduate of the University of South Florida, Mario holds a Bachelor and Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Mario also has a background in developing innovative concepts, and a strong background in  automation controls.