A New Meaning to Flight


We carry a heavy sense of responsibility to develop cutting-edge products that enrich the user experience across a vast plain of unmanned system applications. There is a profound shift where an abstract idea starts to take form yielding a concrete object full of utility and functionality. We call that object MAVERICK. FlyMotion MAVERICK’s key attributes allow for multiple UAV (drone) flight stations capable of piloting several UAV’s simultaneously. A microwave radome ingests multiple helicopter live video downlinks into the onboard video matrix system granting the user powerful input monitoring. Awarding-winning cellular bonding technology carries live HD video transmissions to any place in the world. This is MAVERICK, this is FlyMotion!

In partnership exclusively with vehicle integration artisans, Accelerated Media Technologies (AMT), we have transformed a blank vehicular canvas into a technical work of art. In tandem, FlyMotion and AMT have sculpted the interior and exterior of the vehicle in a way that is visually compelling, intuitive and easy to use. Remaining true to our original conceptual visions, FlyMotion remains committed to designing and engineering state of the art, dynamic vehicles that encompass many avenues of drone operations and data collection. Our clients’ imagination is the only defined limit.

Our technological solutions stand testament to a very deliberate, distinctive and simplistic collaborative thought process of “what if.” MAVERICK’s ease of use flight control interface permits piloting of multiple drones simultaneously. Our flight control system has been designed to accommodate numerous UAV makes and models, a cutting-edge achievement. MAVERICK’s flight control and video downlink signal amplification capabilities offer unmatched operational range when you need it most.

We’ve incorporated wireless input/output (I/O) monitoring in and around the perimeter of MAVERICK to satisfy the largest of video ground control operations. Utilization of advanced encoder solutions grant multiple clients access to monitor MAVERICK’s video I/O’s from most laptops, iOS or Android devices in real-time with minimal latency.


In 2015 FlyMotion TRIDENT paved the way, and continues to set the standard for UAS mobile command and control solutions. This year, FlyMotion MAVERICK serves as a UAS rapid deployment vehicle capable of multiple point-to-point microwave helicopter and UAV video downlinks. Live global HD video transmission is made easier than ever! FlyMotion has partnered with award-winning wireless HD video transmission connoisseurs, LiveU to integrate the most advanced bonded cellular technology into MAVERICK.



Multi-processor video encoding and unmatched patented bonding algorithms is why we trust the best in the business, LiveU. The featured LU500 is one of the several LiveU bonded cellular solutions we offer. Because transmitting live reliable HD content globally should be as easy as 1-2-3.

We’ve teamed up with Cradlepoint to outfit MAVERICK with an all-in-one robust network solution powerhouse. Cloud-management, advanced security (UTM), WAN Diversity, industry leading 4G LTE failover, high performance WiFi, and dual- modem capabilities keep you connected when wires cannot.

Whether it be identifying hot spots at a structural or wildfire, covering a major breaking news event, law enforcement, search and rescue (SAR) operations, surveying and mapping, industrial inspections and much more, our FlyMotion MAVERICK series is up for the task. Having the ability to live stream your sensory data from the UAV to MAVERICK for on-site analysis or broadcast is an incredible advancement in technology, and serves as a needed tool.


Make MAVERICK your innovative solution
Our vision was to design a scalable vehicle capable of UAV command and control functionality, without compromising platform preference and layout predilection. To achieve this we partnered exclusively with Accelerated Media Technologies, one of the most highly recognized mobile communication vehicle integrators in the world.


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